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Manual de Frases en Inglés (para viajeros)
Phrase Book

Manual de Frases en Inglés para manejarse en diferentes lugares cuando viajamos a países de habla inglesa: En el aeropuerto, en el restaurant, de compras, etc.

Common Expressions Good morning / How are you? / What's your name? / … At the Airport The plane is landing (taking off) / Where is my seat? / … At the Hotel Could I see the room? / Could you wake me up at 7 am? / … At the Restaurant Would you like anything to drink? / Waiter, the check please. / … Traveling by Bus / Train What's the next stop? / Do I have to get off here? / … Public Transportation Is there a bus stop around here? / Please take me to… / … Shopping How much is this article? / May I try this dress on? / … At the Post Office Is there a post office nearby? / Where can I buy envelopes? / … Phone Calls Who is calling? / You must dial this number… / … At the Doctor´s I am not feeling well / What are the symptoms? / … At the Drugstore Could I have some sleeping pills? / Here you are. That'll be $12.50 / … At the Bank Where can I find an ATM? / How much is the rate of exchange? / … Movies & Theater Where is the ticket-office? / Are there any seats left? / …
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