Cheers from Seoul

El lugar donde los que estamos fuera de nuestra tierra podemos compartir nuestras experiencias.

Cheers from Seoul

Notapor loquito1 » Lun Ago 09, 2010 7:46 am

Hi, everyone

My name is Andres Martinez, I am from Bogota D.C. Colombia, i have in korea one year already and i am planning to stay with my wife for another couple years, we are enjoying the Korean summer now despite the very high temperatures and high humidity, food here is delicious and people is nice, i have also been in other countries such as Egypt, Israel, Peru, Bolivia, Vietnam and i plan to go to either China or Japan next.

Hope everyone is doing great, i hope to have the chance to talk to many people here and practice our english.

Best regards,
Andres Martinez Castaneda
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