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The Golem, by Gustav Meyrink

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The Golem, by Gustav Meyrink

Notapor GuillermoRafael » Dom Dic 21, 2014 6:42 pm

Hi, everyone! How about making reviews of books and movies we like very much?

I´d like to begin with "The Golem", a book written by Gustav Meyrink in 1915. This book exposes some of the knowledge the author has about Kabbalah, an ancient Jewish mystical science of comprehending the true sense of sacred texts as the Bible and other Hebrews´ texts and Middle Ages science and philosophy.
What´s the Golem? Apparently it´s an artificial human being created by a rabbi in the XV or XVI century, I don´t remember well. But, for the author of this book, the Golem is none other than a double of each of us, that defines our lives, because the Golem is a detonator for us to wake up from the illusion of life.
The main character of the novel is Athanasius Pernath, a jewels maker that has lost all his memories about his past and it´s said that he has gone insane before. He struggles to get back his memories and to access the hidden knowledge about true life, while he encounters some allies in his search, as Hillel and his daughter, Miriam, although he must endure many days in jail, because of a false accusation of a cruel merchant: Wassertrum.
Want to know the end? I warn that the story sometimes gets slow and heavily allegorical but it can make you fear something you can´t see. The beginning is a liitle confusing, but as you get forward in the story, you will understand many things you didn´t in the beginning.
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