Expresiones y frases - Letra A

Idioms - Letter A

a babe in arms un nene de pecho
a bare-faced lie una mentira descarada
a basket case/goner un caso perdido
a bed of roses un lecho de rosas
a big shot/wheel/wig un pez gordo
a bit at sea un poco perdido
  • My grandmother was a babe in arms when she married. She was 14!
  • You told Joe we were married? How can you tell such a bare-faced lie?
  • My mom is crazy. She wants to go dancing with me! She's a real basket case!
  • My life's never been a bed of roses. I've always had lots of problems.
  • The police are about to get one of the maffia big shots.
  • I'm a bit at sea with Trigonometry so Kim is going to help me study.
a blank look una mirada inexpresiva
a blessing in disguise no hay mal que por bien no venga
a budding genius un genio en ciernes
a chip off the old block de tal palo, tal astilla
a close call un escape por los pelos
a cog in the machine/wheel una pieza más de la organización
  • When I told my parents I was pregnant, they just gave me a blank look.
  • Since I was fired I started spending more time with my son. It was a blessing in disguise.
  • At the age of 3, Mark showed he was a budding genius: he could read and write!
  • He leaves all the lights on like his father when he leaves a room. A chip off the old block!
  • I almost got run over by a car today, thank God it was just close call.
  • What makes you think you can't be fired? You're just a cog in the machine!
a crash course un curso intensivo
a dead giveaway una señal clara
a dime a dozen del montón
a false move un paso en falso
a far cry Muy diferente
a fat cat un pez gordo
  • I'm moving to Berlin in a month so I'm taking a crash course in German.
  • John said he was alone but the two extra plates on the table were a dead give-away.
  • These reality TV shows are a dime a dozen nowadays.
  • I think telling our secret to Jack would be a false move. He'd tell everyone about it.
  • Our holidays in Greece this Summer were a far cry from the ones we had in Sweden.
  • The fat cats of the company are thinking about selling it to the Japanese.
a feather in one's cap un triunfo
a fly in the ointment el único problema
a fly on the wall Ser mosca para escuchar una conversación
a fool's errand algo completamente inútil
a foregone conclusion un resultado obvio
a glutton for punishment masoquista
  • Winning an Olympic gold medal has been a feather in your cap.
  • My sister followed me everywhere I went when we were kids. She was a fly in the ointment.
  • George's going to ask Sarah to marry him tonight! If only I were a fly on the wall...
  • Many people think that demonstrating against the war is a fool's errand.
  • It's obvious that Manchester United will win the cup. It's a foregone conclusion.
  • You take too many extra-curricular activities at school. You're a glutton for punishment.
a go-getter una persona emprendedora
a good Samaritan un buen samaritano
a hard nut to crack un hueso duro de roer
a head start una ventaja
a je ne sais quoi un no sé qué
a lady-killer un donjuán
  • Ann's a real go-getter. She's got lots of projects and works hard to carry them out.
  • Pam's a good Samaritan. She'll help you whenever you're in need.
  • When I married Paul, his son didn't like me. He was a hard nut to crack.
  • The Conservatives have a head start in the election thanks to their anti-abortion campaign.
  • Owen isn't exactly handsome, but he has a je ne sais quoi that makes him very attractive.
  • Adam's getting married! Will it be the end of his days as a lady-killer?
a long shot una posibilidad remota
a losing/lucky streak una racha de mala/buena suerte
a matter of life and death un asunto de vida o muerte
a pack of lies una sarta de mentiras
a pain in the ass/neck un plomazo
a pick-me-up un estimulante
  • I know it's a long shot, but maybe if you talk to Josh he'll understand.
  • We've won six games in a row. We're on a lucky streak!
  • I must hand in the report by 4 o'clock! It's a matter of life and death!
  • Bob told you that? Don't believe him. It's nothing but a pack of lies!
  • I can't stand Louis. He's a real pain in the neck.
  • I always drink coffee as a pick-me-up during exam season.
a piece of cake pan comido
a pig in a poke gato por liebre
a play on words un juego de palabras
a poker face cara de póker
a red-letter day un día memorable
a safe/sure bet algo casi seguro
  • The exercise was a piece of cake. I finished it in two minutes.
  • I'm not keen on buying things on the web. They might sell you a pig in a poke.
  • 'Lolita', by Vladimir Nabokov, is full of plays on words. It's fantastic!
  • Dave always wears a poker face. You can never tell what he's thinking or feeling.
  • Oh, my God! My son's tidied up his room! It's a red-letter day!
  • Ben won't remember to bring the cake. It's a safe bet.
a shot in the arm un estímulo
a sight for sore eyes dichosos los ojos que te ven
a sitting duck un blanco fácil
a slice of the cake una tajada
a slip of the tongue un lapsus
a smart alec un sabelotodo
  • These new computers were a shot in the arm for the students. Now they are really learning.
  • Danny! You're a sight for sore eyes! I don't know anyone in here!
  • If we don't defend the goal, it'll be a sitting duck for the other team.
  • The thieves had stolen two million dollars and each of them wanted a slice of the cake.
  • The candidate said that justice was not part of the agenda. Quite a slip of the tongue...
  • Doug is such a smart-alec. He thinks he knows everything!
a snake in the grass un traidor
a wet blanket un aguafiestas
a wild-goose chase un intento totalmente inútil
a wolf in sheep's clothing un lobo disfrazado de cordero
acid test prueba de fuego
airy-fairy fantasioso
alive and kicking vivito y coleando
  • Eva told the teacher I cheated on the test. She's a snake in the grass!
  • My neighbour is such a wet blanket. They always call the police when we have a party.
  • He didn't need a new brush. He sent me on a wild-goose chase so I would leave him alone.
  • At first he was sweet and kind but in the end he turned out to be a wolf in sheep's clothing.
  • John's new job as a manager will be a real acid test for him.
  • Ted wants to buy a castle and live there. I think it's quite airy-fairy.
  • Everyone thought Tiffany was dead, but she was alive and kicking!
all in all en conjunto
all things being equal si todo va de acuerdo a mis planes
all thumbs torpe
an old flame un viejo amor
an old wives' tale un cuento de viejas
an ugly duckling un patito feo
any Tom, Dick or Harry cualquier hijo de vecino
  • I've had my problems this year, but all in all, it wasn't so bad.
  • Everything's ready for the trip. All things being equal, we'll be there by noon.
  • Pete is always dropping things. He's all thumbs.
  • Lucy is not just a friend to Jim. She's an old flame. They were together once.
  • Is it true that if you go swimming after eating you die or is it an old wives' tale?
  • Sue was the ugly duckling of the class, but now she's one of the prettiest girls in school.
  • Lisa's very picky when it comes to men. She won't date any Tom, Dick or Harry.