Expresiones y frases - Letra B

Idioms - Letter B

bad blood resentimiento
bad taste in the mouth mal sabor de boca
bag lady vagabunda
bird of passage ave de paso
bits and pieces cosas
black and blue amoratado
  • After they divorced, there's been a lot of bad blood between Ed and Liz.
  • Losing the final game of the championship left a bad taste in our mouths.
  • There's a bag lady begging for money at the town square.
  • Carl came over today but he stayed for only two minutes. He's a bird of passage.
  • I'm having a garage sale tomorrow. The attic was crammed with bits and pieces we don't use anymore.
  • Dan's face was black and blue after a fist-fight with a neighbour.
black and white blanco y negro
black sheep oveja negra
blind alley callejón sin salida
blind date cita a ciegas
blind spot punto débil
blue-collar worker obrero
  • Peter is very narrow-minded, he thinks things in life are only black and white.
  • I've always been the black sheep of the family, always rebelling.
  • We've tried everything to solve this problem, but we always end up in a blind alley.
  • I'm not going on another blind date! You always set me up with complete lunatics!
  • The opposite team may have a great offensive, but their defence is their blind spot.
  • Blue-collar workers were demonstrating against the new laws.
bolt upright rígido, derecho
bone of contention manzana de la discordia
born and bred nacido y criado
bosom buddy amigo del alma
bottom line punto fundamental
brain drain fuga de cerebros
brain trust grupo de expertos
  • At boarding school, the teachers always made us sit bolt upright on our chairs.
  • When we got divorced, the bone of contention was who'd get the car and who'd get the house.
  • He lives in New York now, but he was born and raised in Boston.
  • Jane and I have known each other forever; we're bosom buddies.
  • I know you're really angry at her, but the bottom line is that she's your mother and she loves you.
  • Due to the economic crisis, the country's been suffering a massive brain drain.
  • Mr. Jones turns to his brain trust when he has to make an important decision.