Expresiones y frases - Letra C

Idioms - Letter C

camp follower simpatizante
can of worms problema peliagudo
carbon copy calco
carrot-and-stick política de incentivos y amenazas
cash on the barrelhead dinero contante y sonante
cast in the same mould cortados por la misma tijera
  • The new party has thousands of camp followers all over the country.
  • The new teacher soon found out that handling a fifth grade is a can of worms.
  • Are you sure they're not twins? They're a carbon copy of each other!
  • The boss turned to a carrot-and-stick policy: we work extra hours, he pays us double.
  • In order to buy the house we have to pay a $5,000 safety deposit, cash on the barrelhead.
  • My mum used to say that men are cast in the same mould.
castles in the air castillos en el aire
chain reaction efecto dominó
chain smoker fumador empedernido
change of heart/life/pace cambio de opinión/vida/ritmo
charmed life vida afortunada
cheap at half the price! ¡una ganga!
  • Joe says he's going to be the CEO of the company but I think it's all castles in the air.
  • It was like a huge chain reaction: the children got sick, then the mother, and then the ret of the family.
  • My dad was a chain smoker; he used to smoke up to three packs of cigarettes a day.
  • I know I said I didn't want to go, but I've had a change of heart and now I want to come.
  • Tim daydreams of living the charmed life of the rich and famous.
  • Can you believe I bought this purse at $50? Cheap at half the price!
cheap shot golpe bajo
checks and balances control y equilibrio de poderes
cheek by jowl uno junto al otro
chief cook and bottlewasher mandadero
child's play juego de niños
chilled to the bone congelado
  • I know you don't like her, but telling Bob's girlfriend she had put on a ton of weight was a cheap shot.
  • The school has a system of checks and balances to guarantee the authorities do their work.
  • The bus was so crowded that the passengers were all cheek by jowl.
  • My mum is down with the flu so my dad is chief cook and bottlewasher these days.
  • Going hunting and handling a gun isn't child's play, you know?
  • I've been waiting for the bus for hours in the cold rain, I'm chilled to the bone!
clean bill of health visto bueno
close, but no cigar casi
cock-and-bull story cuento chino
cock of the walk el dueño del mundo
cold shower ducha fría
cold snap ola de frío
  • I had to inspect lots of cars and give them a clean bill of health.
  • You said that Kate was in love with Ben? Close, but no cigar. She's in love with his brother!
  • All right, I'll let you explain, but don't give me a cock-and-bull story!
  • Paul thinks he's the best. He's always acting as if he were the cock of the walk.
  • Johnny Depp is so hot! Every time I see his movies I have to take a cold shower!
  • We went camping last summer but there was a sudden cold snap, we were freezing!
cold turkey síndrome de abstinencia
comings and goings idas y venidas
common ground puntos en común
common sense sentido común
conspicuous by its absence brillar por su ausencia
conventional wisdom opinión ortodoxa
  • When a drug addict stops taking drugs, he goes cold turkey.
  • The doorman has to watch all the comings and goings in the building.
  • I know we seldom see eye to eye but we need to find some common ground if we're going to work together.
  • Some people get married too young and lack the common sense to realize how serious marriage is.
  • The mother of the bride wasn't at the wedding; she was conspicuous by her absence.
  • I don't believe in the conventional wisdom that men are better than women at some activities.
conversation piece tema de conversación
corridors of power altas esferas de poder
cream of the crop la flor y nata
creature comforts bienestar material
credibility gap margen de credibilidad
crocodile tears lágrimas de cocodrilo
  • Becky's trip to India was the conversation piece at last night's party.
  • When Charles was elected Senator, he got access to the corridors of power.
  • Lord and Lady Darcy belong to the English aristocracy, the cream of the crop.
  • Andy's living in the country, away from everything and without any creature comforts.
  • I don't believe Sarah's story. There's a credibility gap between us.
  • Mary is such a liar. Surely, you didn't believe her crocodile tears.
culture shock choque de culturas
culture vulture devorador de cultura
cup of tea santo de su devoción
  • There was a huge culture shock between the Spanish and the indians during the Conquest.
  • Henry loves literature, music, the theater; he's a real culture vulture.
  • Hip-hop isn't exactly my cup of tea. I prefer rock 'n' roll.