Expresiones y frases - Letra D

Idioms - Letter D

dark horse ganador sorpresa, enigma
davy Jones's locker el fondo del mar
day in, day out todos los días
day to day día a día
daylight robbery robo a mano armada
dead and buried lo pasado, pisado
  • Did you know that Eva speaks five languages and sings opera? She's quite a dark horse!
  • The Titanic sank in 1912 and it has been in Davy Jones's locker since then.
  • I'm quitting my job. I'm tired of putting up with rude customers day in day out.
  • She was in a terrible car crash but her condition's improving day to day.
  • $400 for a sweater?! That's daylight robbery!
  • Mark and Dave had a huge argument some years ago, but that's all dead and buried now.
dead from the neck up no tener dos dedos de frente
dead on one's feet muertos de cansancio
dead to the world profundamente dormido
deep down en el fondo
devil-may-care irresponsable
devil's advocate abogado del diablo
  • Bill must be dead from the neck up: I asked him how he was but he just stared at me smiling.
  • I've been walking for three hours! I'm dead on my feet!
  • Al came home exhausted and went to sleep. He hasn't woken up yet. He's dead to the world.
  • Earl might seem like a tough guy, but deep down he's really sweet.
  • Tom's devil-may-care attitude may cost him his job.
  • I'll just have to play devil's advocate: have you thought of the effect the divorce will have on the kids?
diamond in the rough diamante en bruto
dirt cheap una ganga
dog days of summer la canícula
dog's life vida de perros
dollars to donuts seguro
done deal asunto cerrado
  • Luke seems a rough diamond when you first meet him, but as you get to know him you find he's charming.
  • It's winter sales season, everything's dirt cheap.
  • I hate the dog days of summer! It's just too hot to do anything!
  • Many immigrants in this country have a dog's life.
  • I bet dollars to donuts the Bulls will win.
  • Don't worry about your promotion; it's a done deal.
done in exhausto
double Dutch chino básico
doubting Thomas escéptico
duck soup pan comido
  • I've been working for twelve hours, I'm absolutely done in!
  • I don't understand Physics. It's all double Dutch to me!
  • I've always been a bit of a doubting Thomas. I need to see in order to believe.
  • The test was duck soup. I did it in les than half an hour.