Expresiones y frases - Letra E

Idioms - Letter E

easier said than done más fácil decirlo que hacerlo
easy come, easy go tan fácil como viene, se va
easy does it! ¡con cuidado!
easy money dinero fácil
easy on the eye atractivo
elbow grease empeño
elbow room espacio
  • I'm trying hard not to think about my ex but that's easier said than done.
  • You shouldn't rely on your fame, easy come, easy go.
  • Easy does it! Come slowly down the stairs with that sofa!
  • Everyone thinks what I do is easy money but it's quite a lot of work.
  • Ian is easy on the eye. All the girls in his class are in love with him.
  • This house is a mess! It'll take a lot of elbow grease to clean it!
  • The house is too small for the five of us, there's not enough elbow room.
en masse en masa
en route en camino
enough is enough ya fue suficiente
every now and then de vez en cuando
every time one turns around a cada rato
every trick in the book todos los trucos habidos y por haber
every which way por todos lados
everything but the kitchen sink (irse) con la casa a cuestas
  • The fans went en masse to the airport to welcome their idols.
  • We can buy batteries en route to the beach.
  • I'm sick of my sister's complaining all the time! Enough is enough!
  • Pam and Glenn take a trip to the countryside every now and then.
  • Rick is so annoying! He gives me orders every time I turn around...
  • The red team will use every trick in the book to win the match.
  • The dog made such a mess in the house, there were clothes and shoes every which way.
  • My mum always takes everything but the kitchen sink when we go on vacation.