Expresiones y frases - Letra H

Idioms - Letter H

hale and hearty fuerte como un roble
half-assed/hearted poco entusiasta
half-baked disparatado
hammer and tongs a brazo partido
hand in glove confabulado
hand over fist a patadas
  • My grandmother is 83 but she's hale and hearty. She even rides her bike every morning!
  • Kim must hate her job. She always comes and does everything half-assed.
  • Liz says she's moving to Moscow, another one of her half-baked ideas.
  • Ben and Grace had a terrible argument today. They were at it hammer and tongs.
  • Jane and Ellen are working hand in glove to make me quit my job. I know it!
  • After a series of bad investments, the company started losing money hand over fist.
hanky-panky tejemanejes
happily ever after felices para siempre
happy-go-lucky despreocupado
hard to swallow difícil de creer
high and mighty altanero
high water mark punto culminante
  • Fran's husband was up to some hanky-panky with the neighbour. She kicked him out.
  • Not everyone lives happily ever after once they get married.
  • I wish I were as happy-go-lucky as you: no worries, no stress, just enjoying life.
  • I don't know why, but I find the news a bit hard to swallow.
  • John acts all high and mighty just because the boss liked his report.
  • Playing at venues such as Madison Square Garden is a high water mark for any band.
honest to God lo juro por Dios
horse of another color harina de otro costal
hot air sólo palabrería
hot and bothered furioso
hot off the press de última hora
hot under the collar furioso
  • I didn't break that window, madam! I swear! Honest to God!
  • Well, he's enlisted in the army, but whether he'll resist or not, that's a horse of another color.
  • Don't be fooled by Jack's ranting. It's just hot air.
  • Peter gets hot and bothered every time I tell him I'm going to throw all his magazines away.
  • Journalists struggle to give all the latest news hot off the press.
  • Every time I try to talk to Ben about what happened with Joe, he gets all hot under the collar.