Expresiones y frases - Letra N

Idioms - Letter N

neck and neck cabeza a cabeza
needless to say huelga decir
neither fish nor fowl ni chicha ni limonada
neither here nor there poco importante
nerves of steel nervios de acero
never darken my door again! ¡nunca vuelvas a poner un pie en esta casa!
  • It's still uncertain who'll win the election, the two main candidates are neck and neck.
  • Bob was fired last week! Needless to say, he's really depressed.
  • Some say the new tax policy will ruin the country, but I think it's neither fish nor fowl.
  • Don't listen to the critics! Whatever they might say is neither here nor there!
  • I could never be a surgeon. One must have nerves of steel to be one!
  • Go on! Get out of here and never darken my door again!
never-never land una utopía
new blood sangre nueva
no rhyme or reason sin ton ni son
nobody's fool ningún tonto
none of your business! ¿qué te importa?
not right in the head mal de la cabeza
  • A safe, peaceful place with no corruption? Sounds like a never-never land to me!
  • The company will benefit if we start hiring new blood. We need new and exciting ideas.
  • I've tried to figure out why he reacted like that but there was no rhyme or reason.
  • Frank realized we were up to something. He's nobody's fool.
  • I'm not going to tell you where I'm going. It's none of your business!
  • Mick's not right in the head. He's got problems with everyone he knows.
nothing new under the sun nada nuevo bajo el sol
nothing to write home about nada del otro mundo
now you're talking! ¡ahora sí me gusta!
  • Everything's quite the same around here, nothing new under the sun.
  • Our trip to the country was ok, but nothing to write home about.
  • We're going to Rio to see the carnival?! Now you're talking!