Expresiones y frases - Letra P

Idioms - Letter P

packed like sardines como sardinas en lata
partners in crime cómplices
penny wise and pound foolish/dollar dumb gastar a manos llenas y hacer economía en nimiedades
perish the thought Dios no lo permita
picture-perfect de ensueño
pie in the sky pura fantasía
  • There were six people travelling in a tiny little car. They were packed like sardines.
  • Jill and I grew up together, we've always been partners in crime.
  • Sam's penny-wise and dollar-dumb. He bought a cheap computer and it crashed a day later.
  • If we ever broke up, perish the thought, I'd like us to remain friends, wouldn't you?
  • Gary lives with his family in a picture-perfect neighborhood, with picket fences and gardens.
  • He says he's going to move to France and start his own vineyard, but it's just pie in the sky.
poetic justice justicia divina
poetic license licencia poética
poles apart polos opuestos
politically correct políticamente correcto
prima donna diva
Prince Charming Príncipe azul
  • Dan left his wife for a younger woman but she left him and took half of his money. That's poetic justice!
  • A translator can use a little poetic license sometimes for the translated text to make sense.
  • Will and Tim are identical twins but when it comes to personality, they're poles apart.
  • You can say 'postman' but nowadays the term 'mail carrier' is more politically correct.
  • My sister has always been like a prima donna, moody and whimsical.
  • Many women spend their lives waiting for Prince Charming and end up old maids.