Expresiones y frases - Letra T

Idioms - Letter T

TGIF (Thank Goodness it's Friday) gracias a Dios es viernes
thank your lucky stars dar gracias a Dios
that makes two of us ya somos dos
the apple of your eye la luz de sus ojos
the best of both worlds lo mejor de ambos mundos
the blind leading the blind la conducción ciega del ciego
  • Oh my God! I'm so tired! TGIF!
  • You've got everything you want, you should thank your lucky stars for that!
  • You can't stand Kelly? Well, that makes two of us!
  • It's wonderful to have my niece here! She's the apple of my eye.
  • There are beaches and mountains here. We've got the best of both worlds.
  • A 20-year-old manager! It's the blind leading the blind!
the buck stops here yo soy el responsable
the calm before the storm la calma que precede a la tormenta
the cat's got your tongue te comieron la lengua los ratones
the end of the line el final
the gift of the gab mucha labia
the joke's on you te salió el tiro por la culata
  • All right, people, the buck stops here. I broke the computer. It was my fault.
  • That long silence was just the calm before the storm. After that my mom started screaming and shouting.
  • What's the matter? The cat's got your tongue? Gon on, speak!
  • Jones scored the fifth goal anda that was the end of the line for the other team.
  • Lou sure has the gift of the gab. Two words with the receptionist and the table is ours!
  • You told Mike Jo would leave him but he didn't believe you and now the joke's on you.
the last straw la gota que derramó el vaso
the laughing stock el hazmerreír
the life of the party el alma de la fiesta
the long and the short of it en resumidas cuentas
the moment of truth la hora de la verdad
the more the merrier cuantos más sean, mejor
  • First they refused to give us a raise, then they fired some of us, that was the last straw!
  • I can't go to tha party after what happened. I'd be the laughing stock of the evening!
  • You should've seen Al last night! Dancing, telling jokes... He was the life of the party.
  • Greg met another woman and he left me. That's the long and the short of it.
  • When we launch the product into the market we'll see if it succeeds. It'll be the moment of truth.
  • Sure, bring your friends to the party! The more, the merrier!
the one that got away el que se escapó
the real McCoy lo realmente genuino
the salt of the earth un pan de Dios
the whole caboodle absolutamente todo
to all intents and purposes a todos los efectos
to and fro de un lado a otro
  • Sue loved Paul but he never liked her. He was the one that got away.
  • This is a real leather, look. It's genuine, the real McCoy.
  • Kim is such a great girl. She helps the aged, the poor. She's the salt of the earth!
  • Tell me everything about your trip to Europe! Who you saw, where you'v been, the whole caboodle!
  • The clubs in the city were, to all intents and purposes, closed until further notice.
  • I've been running to and fro all morning. I went to the bank, then to the supermarket...