Expresiones y frases - Letra W

Idioms - Letter W

wake up and smell the coffee! ¡date cuenta de una vez!
water under the bridge historia antigua
wear and tear desgaste
what's your poison? ¿qué vas a tomar?
wishful thinking ilusión
word for word textualmente
worlds apart polos opuestos
  • Oh, come on, Fred! Wake up and smell the coffee! They won't give you the job!
  • No, Liz and I are no longer together, it's all water under the bridge. We're friends.
  • We bought a new set of chairs, the other was too damaged by wear and tear.
  • Hey, Jane! What can I get you to drink? What's your poison?
  • I can dream about going on a cruise with a handsome man, but it's just wishful thingking.
  • Tell me everything Bill told you when you saw him, word for word.
  • My husband and I are worlds apart but we're crazy about each other.