Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'At'

Idioms - Key word 'At'

at a a glance de un vistazo
at a loss for words sin palabras
at ease a gusto
at fault en falta
at first glance a primera vista
at first light al rayar el día
  • Everything looked fine at a glance, so we just kept on walking.
  • When Fran told me her husband was gone, I was at a loss for words.
  • We tried to make John feel at ease while he was staying with us.
  • I wasn't at fault! Tom was! He left the office early and missed the meeting!
  • At first glance, she seems to be fine. We'll have to run some tests to make sure she's fine.
  • Wake me up at 5 o'clock. We must leave at first light.
at full throttle a todo gas
at heart en el fondo
at least por lo menos
at odds en desacuerdo
at once de unmediato
at one time en un tiempo
at peace en paz
  • The factory was opened in May and now it's working at full throttle.
  • Phil might seem tough but he's really sweet at heart.
  • Dave and Sue invited us to dinner, we should at least take a bottle of wine.
  • Everyone at the office is at odds because of the new project.
  • You must deliver this package at once. Go! Stop wasting time!
  • At one time we were all living in a little apartment in New York.
  • Mary's always shouting and fighting. Will she ever be at peace?
at rest en reposo
at stake en juego
at the crack of dawn al romper el alba
at the eleventh hour en el último momento
at will a voluntad
at your fingertips al alcance de la mano
  • If you use the machine for a long period of time, leave it at rest for a few minutes, ok?
  • I'm not going to risk my job. I 've got a family to support. There's a lot at stake.
  • When I was in the army, I used to get up at the crack of dawn. Sometimes earlier!
  • Al's mom needed a heart transplant and was about to die, but at the eleventh hour they found a donor.
  • You can take whatever you want from the fridge at will.
  • I'll be at your disposal, if you need me, don't hesitate to call.
  • I like having everything I need at my fingertips. I don't want to get up whenever I need something.