Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'By'

Idioms - Key word 'By'

by a hair por un pelo
by all accounts al decir de todos
by all means por supuesto
by and by pronto, en seguida
by and large en términos generales
by any means por cualquier medio
  • It was an exciting race. We won it by a hair, I thought we'd come in the second place!
  • By all accounts, The Beatles are one of the most important rock 'n' roll bands in history.
  • Do you want an apple? By all means, take as many as you wish!
  • These shirts may be fashionable nowadays but by and by no one will wear them anymore.
  • By and large, the immigration in the country came from Spain and Italy.
  • Chuck's determined to get that job by any means.
by chance por casualidad
by coincidence por coincidencia
by dint of a fuerza de
by far por lejos
by force of habit por costumbre
by hand a mano
  • I was walking down High Street and I came across Lucy by chance.
  • Paul and I were at the theater last night and we met Joe and Vicky by coincidence.
  • You're not going to make your children obey just by dint of beating them.
  • London is, by far, the most exciting city I've ever been to.
  • I took down the clock from the wall but I keep looking that way by force of habit.
  • These leather sandals were completely made by hand. Aren't they gorgeous?
by heart de memoria
by hook or by crook por las buenas o por las malas
by means of por medio de
by mistake por equivocación
by no means de ningún modo
by reason of a causa de
  • We have to learn these four poems by heart for next class.
  • Tina says she's going to see Oasis in concert by hook or by crook.
  • We were able to raise the money by means of a raffle.
  • Oh, no! Jack's cell phone is the same as mine and I took his by mistake!
  • Going on a job interview is by no means a guarantee of actually getting the job.
  • I was absent from the meeting by reason of another engagement.
by request por petición
by the same token del mismo modo
by the skin of your teeth por poco, por los pelos
by the way a propósito
by virtue of en virtud de
by way of por vía de
  • The package was delivered at these address by request of Mr. Allen.
  • I'm going to work more hours but, by the same token, I'll earn more money.
  • The thief was faster and he got away by the skin of his teeth.
  • Oh, by the way, don't forget to pick up your suit from the dry cleaner's!
  • The concert was postponed by virtue of extreme weather conditions.
  • I had to give my old car by way of payment for the new one.