Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'For'

Idioms - Key word 'For'

for a change para variar
for a song a precio de saldo
for all one is worth con todas sus fuerzas
for better or (for) worse para bien o para mal
for certain con seguridad
for crying out loud! ¡pero, será posible!
  • This summer I'd like to go to the mountain for a change.
  • Can you believe Ian bought that fabulous sports car for a song?
  • You can sit there wishing for a miracle for all you're worth, but it doesn't mean it'll happen.
  • Mr. Miller's decision will affect all of us, for better or worse.
  • The police have some clues but the girl's whereabouts aren't known for certain.
  • For crying out loud! Can't you see I'm on the phone? Stop shouting!
for example por ejemplo
for fear of por miedo a
for free gratis
for fun/laughs por placer
for God's/gosh/heaven's sake! ¡por el amor de Dios!
for good/keeps para siempre
  • There are different kinds of fabric. For example: silk, cotton, linen...
  • We brought an extra bottle of water for fear of running out of it.
  • If you buy a TV set you get a CD and a DVD for free.
  • Mark paints but he only does it for fun. He doesn't intend to sell his paintings.
  • For heaven's sake! Turn the volume down! I'm trying to sleep!
  • It's time we put an end to this situation for good.
for good measure por añadidura
for kicks para divertirse
for long por mucho tiempo
for my money en mi opinión
for once por una vez
for openers para empezar
  • Dad gave me twenty dollars to buy a skirt and mom gave me twenty more for good measure
  • We were bored so we decided to bake some cookies for kicks.
  • Sam came back yesterday but he said he wouldn't stay for long.
  • For my money, Mary should've married John and not Robert.
  • Will you stop criticizing me for once in your life?
  • For openers, we'll visit the Eiffel Tower, and then the Louvre.
for real de verdad
for shame! ¡qué vergüenza!
for sure seguro
for that matter en realidad
for the asking a pedir de boca
for the fun of it por placer
  • This is not a joke, Alex, this is for real!
  • Can't those people see the "No smoking" sign over there? For shame!
  • Becky's going to love the earrings I bought her in India, for sure!
  • My dad won't let me go to the party, and neither will my mom, for that matter.
  • If you want the tickets, call the radio and they're yours for the asking!
  • Nowadays, there are few kids and teenagers who read just for the fun of it.
for the hell of it porque sí
for the love of por el amor de
for the moment por ahora
for the most part en la mayor parte
  • Jack likes taking pictures all the time, just for the hell of it
  • Hank, for the love of God! Hurry up! We're going to be late!
  • For the moment I'm just going to buy the shirt, I'll leave the jeans for next month.
  • Amy's friends are 30-year-old women, for the most part.