Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'From'

Idioms - Key word 'From'

from bad to worse de mal en peor
from day one desde el primer día
from hand to mouth con lo justo
from head to toe de pies a cabeza
from hunger a causa del hambre
from rags to riches de mendigo a millonario
  • Things keep going from bad to worse: first, I los my job, now I lose my house!
  • Charlie never liked school. He hated it from day one.
  • Liz says she lives from hand to mouth but she spends too much money on clothes.
  • Mr. Fitzpatrick is a real gentleman from head to toe. So charming!
  • The amount of people dying from hunger every day around the world is alarming.
  • My dad was very poor but he went from rags to riches working all his life.
from scratch desde el principio
from side to side de un lado al otro
from soup to nuts de principio a fin
from square one desde el principio
from stem to stern de proa a popa
from the bottom of one's heart de todo corazón
  • My computer caught a virus and I had no backup so I had to start my work from scratch.
  • The flowers swayed from side to side in the light summer breeze. It was lovely.
  • Helen was very much involved in the project. She was in it from soup to nuts.
  • The police inquiry had to begin from square one after a series of false clues.
  • We've searched the yacht from stem to stern but we didn't find any hole.
  • I wish you both a very happy marriage, from the bottom of my heart.
from the cradle to the grave durante toda la vida
from the frying pan into the fire de Guatemala a Guatepeor
from the get-go/word ‘go’ desde el principio, desde el ‘vamos’
from the sublime to the ridiculous de un extremo al otro
from this day forward de hoy en adelante
from time to time de vez en cuando
from way back desde hace tiempo
  • My grandfather worked from the cradle to the grave to have everything he wanted.
  • We've gone from the frying pan into the fire, no money, no house, no car...
  • Alex said he would help me with the assignment from the word "go".
  • I didn't like the movie; it went from the sublime to the ridiculous all the time.
  • From this day forward, I'll start going to the gym every week.
  • I like having a glass of wine during dinner from time to time.
  • Pete and Tim are really good friends. They know each other from way back.