Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'In'

Idioms - Key word 'In'

in a good/bad mood de buen/mal humor
in a bad way en mala forma
in a bit en un momento
in a dither muy nervioso
in a fix/jam en un aprieto
in a fog confundido
  • If you want to ask the boss for a raise, go now! He's in a good mood.
  • Mark didn't mean you were fat, he just said it in a bad way.
  • Please, take a seat. Doctor Jones will see you in a bit.
  • What's the matter with Kate? Is she ok? She looks in a dither.
  • Nick crashed with his dad's car and now he's in a jam.
  • When I woke up after the surgery, I was in a fog due to the anesthesia.
in a jiffy en un santiamén
in a lather histérico/a
in a long time en mucho tiempo
in a manner of speaking por así decirlo
in a nutshell en resumidas cuentas
in a rut en la rutina
  • Give me the shirt and I'll sew the button in a jiffy.
  • Sam was in a lather today when Joe told him he had lost his digital camera.
  • How's Danny? I haven't seen him in a long time.
  • Lisa, my mom's best friend, is like a second mother to me, in a manner of speaking.
  • Tell me what happened between Rob and Eve in a nutshell, I don't have much time.
  • I'd like to find a new job. In this one I feel stuck in a rut.
in a sense/way en cierto modo
in a stew sudar la gota gorda
in a tight corner/spot en aprietos
in a while en un rato
in abeyance en suspenso
in addition además
  • Being unemployed helped me spend more time with my children, in a way.
  • They almost didn't let me board the plane because I was 5 minutes late. I was in a stew!
  • Oscar borrowed money from some crook and he can't pay him now. He's in a tight spot.
  • I'm going for a walk in the park. I'll be back in a while.
  • With the coming of the DVD the video tape was soon in abeyance.
  • In addition to the economic crisis, the country suffered different natural disasters.
in advance de antemano
in agreement en acuerdo
in all probability sin duda
in good/bad faith de buena/mala fe
in good/bad shape en buenas/malas condiciones
in black and white por escrito
  • We have to pay 500 dollars in advance for the trip to Spain.
  • After the meeting we were all in agreement about the budget for next month.
  • The Rolling Stones are, in all probability, the most famous rock'n'roll band in the world.
  • Mr. Williams offered to help us in good faith.
  • I haven't been to the gym for ages, I'm in bad shape.
  • All right, then, tomorrow you'll have the contract in black and white in order to sign it.
in brief en breve
in broad daylight a plena luz del día
in bulk al por mayor
in case por si acaso
in charge a cargo, responsable
in check bajo control
  • You go ahead and start without me, I'll join you in brief.
  • Can you believe it? I was mugged in the street in broad daylight!
  • I'm sorry, we only sell our products in bulk.
  • In case you need any help, call me and I'll be there.
  • Nelly is away and she left me in charge of the house, can I help you?
  • The classroom was a mess when the teacher was away, but when she came back everything was in check.
in circulation en circulación
in clover a lo grande
in cold blood a sangre fría
in deep trouble en serios problemas
in default of a falta de
in dire straits en serios aprietos
  • These coins are no longer in circulation.
  • When I have my own company I'm going to have money and live in clover.
  • The prisoners were brutally tortured and murdered in cold blood.
  • Manny was caught shoplifting and he's now in deep trouble.
  • Both of you will have to work extra hours in default of three of your co-workers.
  • The whole region is in dire straits because of the war and the economic crisis.
in drag vestido de mujer
in dribs and drabs poco a poco
in due course a su debido tiempo
in earnest de veras
in effect en efecto
in escrow en depósito
in fashion de moda
  • There were many guys in drag at Stacey's costume party.
  • The students came back to the classroom in dribs and drabs after the break.
  • The article will be published in due course.
  • I spoke to Sarah in earnest and I told her what I thought.
  • In effect, her baby was born two weeks before mine.
  • These long skirts are no longer in fashion.
in force vigente
in full en su totalidad
in full swing en pleno apogeo
in good conditions en buenas condiciones
in good hands en buenas manos
in good spirits de buen ánimo
  • The new law will be in force by next year.
  • I need the transcription of the President's speech in full.
  • Flower power was in full swing during the sixties.
  • I'll lend you my car, but give it back to me in good conditions.
  • Doctor O'Neal is the best surgeon in the country, your wife is in good hands.
  • Fred is in good spirits today. He passed his exam.
in good time a su debido tiempo
in half por la mitad
in heat en celo
in heaven's name en el nombre del cielo
in high dudgeon hecho/a una furia
in hock endeudado/a
in hot water en un lío
  • All in good time, my friend. You have to be patient and wait.
  • Cut the oranges in half and squeeze them to get the juice.
  • The dog is in heat and we want her to have puppies.
  • What, in heaven's name, are you doing with that sword?!!!
  • Richard argued with Beth and he left the house in high dudgeon.
  • The Mayor was caught bribing a business man and he's now in hot water.
in keeping with de acuerdo con
in league with confabulado/a con
in love enamorado/a
in mint condition en perfecto estado
in no time en muy poco tiempo
in no uncertain terms claramente
  • You'll find a life vest under each seat, in keeping with international safety laws.
  • That Marcy is in league with Paula to make me look like a mad woman!
  • I'm not in love with George! Who told you that?
  • The house is over a hundred years old but it's still in mint condition.
  • We had such a nice time that the days were gone in no time.
  • Stan said in no uncertain terms that he was never coming back.
in one ear and out the other entrar por un oído y salir por el otro
in one fell swoop de un solo golpe
in one's blood en la sangre
in one's good/bad books caerle bien/mal a alguien
in one's mind's eye en la imaginación
in one's own right por derecho propio
  • He never pays attention to what I say. It goes in one ear and out the other.
  • Do you seriously believe it's possible to stop illegal immigration in one fell swoop?
  • Pat's father was a pianist and her mother was a singer, music is in her blood.
  • Liz has been in my bad books ever since she told me I looked like a mummy.
  • I'm trying to imagine how things could be in my mind's eye.
  • Al worked hard to get that job, he earned it in his own right.
in one's own world en su propio mundo
in one's right mind en su sano juicio
in order to a fin de
in other words en otras palabras
in passing al pasar
in phase sincronizado/a
  • Jane seems to be in her own world, she never talks to anyone.
  • Kate told you that? Dear God! She's not in her right mind!
  • You must pass all the exams in order to get your degree.
  • They said they were going to let me go. In other words, I'm fired.
  • I heard Greg and Pete in passing talking about a trip to Africa.
  • The sound and the image of the video must be in phase.
in plain English hablando sin rodeos
in plain view a la vista de todos
in play en juego
in point of fact de hecho
in print impreso
in progress en desarrollo
  • Doctor, I don't understand all this technical language. Say it in plain English.
  • The woman was mugged in the park in plain view!
  • Are you sure touching the ball with your elbow is in play?
  • In point of fact, Helen and Mark aren't really married.
  • A new edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets will be in print next week.
  • The building isn't finished yet. It's still in progress.
in reach en el alcance
in regard to en cuanto a
in retrospect retrospectivamente
in return a cambio
in search of en busca de
in season en temporada
  • I like having everything in reach when I'm cooking.
  • I am writing in regard to Mr. Peter's complaints.
  • Everything seems clearer now in retrospect.
  • When I helped you, I didn't expect anything in return.
  • The story is about a man who is in search of his lost family.
  • Salmon is not in season, that's why it's so expensive right now.
in seventh heaven en el séptimo cielo
in short order en poco tiempo
in short supply escasear
in sick bay sn la enfermería
in someone's shoes en los zapatos de alguien
in stitches morirse de risa
  • We were in seventh heaven when we found out about the pregnancy!
  • The product was so successful that we run out of stock in short order.
  • They say that water will be in short supply in a few years' time.
  • The kids had a small accident at school and they are in sick bay.
  • Ann lost 500 dollars at work yesterday. I wouldn't like to be in her shoes!
  • Frank's performance was so funny! He had us all in stitches!
in store de reserva
in the altogether en cueros
in the back of one's mind en un rincón de la mente
in the black en números negros
in the buff en paños menores
in the clear inocente
  • Who knows what the future has in store for me?
  • My grandma was shocked when she saw a group of people in the altogether on TV.
  • I've had this idea in the back of my mind for quite a while.
  • Yes, I've got enough money. My bank account is in the black.
  • When I was young, there were no people in the buff in the movies!
  • The police interrogated Freddy but he came out in the clear.
in the clink en la cárcel
in the cold light of day con la cabeza en frío
in the doghouse en desgracia
in the doldrums deprimido/a
in the driver's seat llevar las riendas
in the eye/face a los ojos/la cara
  • My neighbor killed a man and now he's in the clink!
  • I was mad, now in the cold light of day, I think I overreacted a bit...
  • The teacher caught Joe cheating on the test and now he's in the doghouse.
  • Jerry's been in the doldrums ever since his wife died.
  • I'm tired of being told what to do! I want to be in the driver's seat!
  • Just look at me in the face and tell me you didn't do it.
in the family way embarazada
in the flesh en persona
in the hole en deuda
in the know enterado/a
in the lap of luxury como un duque
in the limelight en el candelero
  • Pam didn't expect to be in the family way until after the wedding!
  • Can you believe we are going to meet Ricky Martin in the flesh?
  • I've already paid Mary back but she says I'm still two hundred dollars in the hole!
  • The whole thing was a secret. Only Kate was in the know.
  • Bess says she's going to marry a millionaire and live in the lap of luxury.
  • You say you want to be famous but it's hard to live in the limelight.
in the long haul/run a la larga
in the main en general
in the meantime mientras tanto
in the money forrado en dinero
in the mood de humor, con ganas
in the nick of time justo a tiempo
  • We must solve the problem now or we'll have worse problems in the long run.
  • In the main, I spend the summer in the south of Spain.
  • I've already sent the letter. In the meantime, all I can do is wait.
  • Bob hasn't been in the money since long. A rich aunt of his died and left him all she had.
  • We invited Ann to come along with us but she wasn't in the mood.
  • The movie was about to begin but we got there in the nick of time.
in the picture al corriente
in the pink rebosar de salud
in the pipeline en trámites
in the public eye en la mira
in the red con la cuenta en rojo
in the right tener la razón
  • I'll be in Paris for the next two nonths, so please keep me in the picture.
  • I've always been in the pink. Not even a slight cold in my life!
  • We're going to buy a bigger house, but everything's still in the pipeline.
  • Politicians have to be careful with what they say. They're constantly in the public eye.
  • I don't know what to do! I have bills to pay and my bank account is in the red!
  • No! I won't shut up when I'm in the right!
in the same boat en la misma situación
in the same breath a continuación
in the same league a la altura
in the soup con el agua hasta el cuello
in the throes de lleno
in the twinkling/wink of an eye En un abrir y cerrar de ojos
  • Of course I understand what you're going through. We're in the same boat.
  • Rob says he hates this city but in the same breath he says he couldn't live anywhere else.
  • My cell phone is not in the same league as the new ones. It doesn't even have a camera!
  • I must finish this report by Monday or I'll be in the soup!
  • If we don't reach an agreement we'll be in the throes of a civil war!
  • I'll heat this meat in the microwave and it'll be ready in the twinkling of an eye.
in the wrong equivocado
in this day and age hoy en día
in touch en contacto
in tow a cuestas
in your prime en la flor de la vida
  • They'll never change their attitude because they don't think they're in the wrong.
  • It's so apalling that there should be slaves in this day and age!
  • Promise me we'll be in touch when you go away.
  • I can't just quit my job! I have my family in tow.
  • At the age of 55, Billy is still in his prime.