Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'Off'

Idioms - Key word 'Off'

off and on de cuando en cuando
off base/beam equivocado
off color indispuesto
off duty no estar de servicio/guardia
off guard desprevenido
off key desafinado
  • My computer keeps crashing off and on, I can't work like this.
  • The detective's theory about the murder was completely off base.
  • Alex was feeling a bit off color so I sent him home to rest.
  • I'm off duty tomorrow night, would you like to go out for dinner?
  • Mr. Lee caught me off guard when he asked me to do extra hours and I said 'Yes'.
  • Do you hear that? The piano is off key again!
off one's chest desahogarse al confesar algo
off one's head mal de la cabeza
off one's high horse bajar los humos
off one's rocker chiflado
off season temporada baja; fuera de temporada
off side fuera de juego
  • I can't lie to you anymore. I need to get this off my chest.
  • Have you gone off your head? How are you going to do that?
  • You're no better than any of us so come off your high horse, will you?
  • Mike must be off his rocker if he thinks his plan will work!
  • You'll get the tickets at a lower price if you travel off season.
  • Keane was off side so the goal was annulled.
off the air fuera del aire
off the beaten track aislado, apartado
off the cuff de improviso
off the deep end como una fiera
off the hook librarse
off the mark equivocado
  • Ok, we're off the air now, tell me what brings you to the radio.
  • I'm sick of the city. I want to get away, go somewhere off the beaten track.
  • Paul didn't know what to say so he made up an explanation off the cuff.
  • When I told my ex-husband I was leaving he went off the deep end.
  • All right, go home, I'll finish the report, you're off the hook.
  • Everyone thought I was off the mark when I said the product would fail.
off the rails descarrilarse
off the record extraoficialmente
off the top of my head de improviso
off the wagon volver a darse a la bebida
off the wall sorprendente e inusual
off topic fuera de tema
off-beat poco convencional
  • A train went off the rails near Seattle.
  • There are many speculations but they're all off the record.
  • Whatever I said to you, I said it off the top of my head, I didn't really mean it.
  • After two months without a drink, Gus fell off the wagon.
  • We need new ideas for the show, something off the wall to attract the audience.
  • The essay is quite good but it goes off topic in the end.
  • We make an off-beat show, that's why people like it.