Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'On'

Idioms - Key word 'On'

on a first-name basis tutearse
on a full/an empty stomach con el estómago lleno/vacío
on a pedestal en un pedestal
on a roll con buena suerte
on a shoestring con muy poco dinero
on a silver platter en bandeja
  • When I was young, we weren't on a first-name basis with our elders.
  • You shouldn't take that pill on an empty stomach.
  • Mark's grandmother was very important to him, he had her on a pedestal.
  • I was on a roll at the casino last night! I won five hundred dollars!
  • It's hard to run a whole household on a shoestring, especially if you have kids.
  • Liz doesn't know what it is to work to pay the bills. She's had everything on a silver platter.
on a tangent por la tangente
on all fours En cuatro patas
on an even keel estable
on and on sin parar
on board a bordo
on cloud nine en el séptimo cielo
  • Will was talking about the war in Iraq and he went off on a tangent.
  • I was on all fours on the floor looking for my contact lense.
  • We must help Adam to keep his life on an even keel.
  • My mom just kept talking on and on about being responsible and all that.
  • There are new teachers on board this year, Miss Allen and Miss Randall.
  • Pam was on cloud nine when she won that trip to Paris.
on drugs consumiendo drogas
on duty de servicio/guardia
on edge con los nervios de punta
on foot a pie
on good/bad terms with llevarse bien/mal con
on line en línea, conectado
  • The blood and urine tests showed that the actor was on drugs.
  • I'll talk to you when I get home, I have to go, I'm on duty.
  • I'm on edge every time I have a test, I get so nervous.
  • It was nice today so I decided to go to work on foot instead of taking the bus.
  • Are you on good terms with your mother?
  • I'm waiting for Robert to get on line so we can chat a little bit.
on no account de ninguna manera
on one's best behavior portarse lo mejor posible
on one's deathbed en el lecho de muerte
on one's high horse tener muchos humos
on one's last legs en las últimas
on one's (own) merits por mérito propio
  • On no account should you eat greasy food, drink alcohol or smoke, Mr. Johnson.
  • I promised my dad I would be on my best behavior at school so that he lets me go dancing.
  • When my sister was on her deathbed, I promised her I'd take care of her son.
  • Every time he can Tom gets on his high horse talking about politics. It's so annoying.
  • Ann's father is on his last legs, we should visit her to give her our support.
  • Mayor Hanson got where he is without any help from anyone. He's a renowned politician on his own merits.
on one's mind en mente
on one's own solo
on one's own account por cuenta propia
on one's uppers en la miseria
on one's way en camino
on paper sobre papel
  • I'm sorry, I can't help you right now, I've got a lot of things on my mind.
  • Patrick's been on his own in his room all day long.
  • Julia's setting up a boutique on her own account, she's really excited about it.
  • Steve can't find a job, he really is on his uppers.
  • I'm on my way to the dentist, I'l call you when I get home.
  • I know you can read books on the internet but I still prefer them on paper.
on parole en libertad condicional
on pins and needles ansioso
on probation en período de prueba
on purpose a propósito
on sale en liquidación
on schedule/time a la hora prevista
  • I'm getting out on parole next week. And I'm never going back to jail.
  • Alice said she had something important to tell me, I'm on pins and needles.
  • Johnny messed it up last week at the office so now he's on probation.
  • My mom didn't like my dog so she let it out on purpose so that he would run away.
  • Helen bought that sweater on sale for only ten dollars.
  • The plane arrived on schedule and we left the airport at ten o'clock.
on second thought pensándolo mejor
on someone's side del lado de alguien
on spec por si las dudas
on standby en espera
on strike en huelga
on sufferance de mala gana
  • I was going to go by bus but, on second thought, I'll take my bike.
  • How can you be on Emily's side? You're my best friend!
  • Dan didn't know if he needed a permit but he asked for one on spec.
  • Our systems are down and all the work is on standby.
  • The workers at the factory are on strike because they want a pay rise.
  • Meg didn't want to go so she went on sufferance.
on tap de barril
on target de acuerdo con lo previsto
on tenterhooks/the rack con el alma en vilo, en ascuas
on the alert/lookout/qui vive en alerta
on the average en promedio
on the blink averiado
  • We went to a pub that sold beer on tap. It was delicious.
  • Everything is going on target so far.
  • We're all on tenterhooks, we don't know what's going to happen.
  • One of the thieves broke into the house and the other stayed out on the lookout.
  • We have twenty students per course on the average.
  • I have to get my car fixed, it's on the blink again.
on the bright side el lado bueno
on the brink/verge al borde
on the button/clock/dot en punto
on the chance that con la esperanza de
on the cheap por poco dinero
on the cutting edge a la vanguardia
  • My aunt Magda always looked on the bright side of things.
  • The whole region is on the brink of war! It's terrible!
  • My boss is very strict with the time. I have to be at the office at nine on the button.
  • We stayed at the back of the stadium on the chance that the band came out.
  • You can buy some really great stuff at the fair on the cheap.
  • Our company has always been on the cutting edge of new technologies.
on the defensive a la defensiva
on the double inmediatamente
on the edge of your seat en vilo
on the face of it a primera vista
on the fritz estropeado
on the horizon En el horizonte
  • Why are you always on the defensive? No one wants to attack you.
  • Peter was late for an appointment so he finished his coffee on the double.
  • The movie will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very last minute.
  • On the face of it, a patient may seem fine, but he or she could have internal injurires.
  • My camera fell into the pool and now it's on the fritz.
  • The tarot lady told me there were some job offers on the horizon.
on the house la casa invita
on the increase/rise en aumento
on the inside por dentro
on the lam a la fuga
on the level ser serio
on the loose en libertad
  • Since you are a regular customer, dessert is on the house, sir.
  • Unfortunately, unepmloyment is on the rise due to the crisis.
  • That house is gorgeous. I'd love to know what's on the inside.
  • The thieves took off with 300,000 dollars and are on the lam.
  • Don't worry, I know Mr. Jameson, he's an honest man. His company is on the level.
  • A lion escaped from the zoo today and is now on the loose.
on the make tratar de sacar tajada
on the market a la venta
on the mend mejorando
on the move de viaje
on the prowl merodeando
on the rebound Por despecho
  • Most politicians are on the make when they can.
  • I'm sorry but the product you are looking for is no longer on the market.
  • Phil came down with the flu but he's on the mend now.
  • I went to five different schools as a kid because we were always on the move.
  • There's a strange man on the prowl, nobody knows him.
  • Liz doesn't like Carl, she just dates him because she's on the rebound.
on the receiving end blanco/víctima de
on the right foot con el pie derecho
on the right track por buen camino
on the safe side para mayor seguridad
on the same wavelength en la misma onda
on the side Aparte
  • When Mary's husband got violent, she was on the receiving end of his blows.
  • Business has been going great, we set off on the right foot.
  • Are you sure we're on the right track?
  • The home pregnancy-test was positive but I had a blood test to be on the safe side.
  • Tom and Jeff get along great, they're on the same wavelength.
  • When Jo was a little girl she hated beans so she left them on the side of her plate.
on the sidelines al margen
on the sly a hurtadillas
on the spur of the moment sin pensarlo
on the streets hacer la calle
on the tip of my tongue en la punta de la lengua
on the town de juerga
  • Frank prefers to stay on the sidelines whenever there's an arguement.
  • When I was a teenager, I got out of my house on the sly at night to go dancing.
  • I'm sorry! I didn't mean it! I said it on the spur of the moment.
  • Many immigrant women are on the streets because they can't find a good job.
  • What's the name of that actor? I have it on the tip of my tongue.
  • Last night we went out on the town. We had a great time.
on the wagon abstemio
on the wane menguando
on the warpath en pie de guerra
on the way out de salida
on the whole en general
on thin ice en terreno peligroso
  • I'm still on the wagon and I intend to keep it that way. No alcohol for me.
  • CD sales are on the wane due to the free illegal downloads from the internet.
  • The whole country is on the warpath after the attacks.
  • That kind of music had its moment but now it's on the way out.
  • This year's sales have been good on the whole.
  • You'll be walking on thin ice if you tell the media about the Mayor's bribes.
on tiptoe de puntillas
on top of the world contentísimo
on view expuesto
on your guard en alerta
  • It was late and everyone was asleep, so we went in on tiptoe.
  • I'm on top of the world! It's my wedding day!
  • There were some beautiful purses on view at the mall.
  • You must be always on your guard in this city or else you get mugged.