Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'Over'

Idioms - Key word 'Over'

over a barrel en un puño
over again otra vez
over and above además
over and done with terminado, acabado
over my dead body sobre mi cadaver
  • I have John over a barrel. He'll do anything I tell him to.
  • I was counting my money and I got lost so I had to start over again.
  • We need new investors over and above new ideas.
  • When will this situation be over and done with?
  • You think you'll get the house and the car? Well, over my dead body!
over the counter sin receta médica
over the hill demasiado viejo
over the hump haber pasado lo más difícil
over the top exagerado
  • Sir, you need your doctor's prescription for this medicine. It's not sold over the counter.
  • My mom says she's over the hill but she's only forty-two.
  • We're over the hump, the house is almost ready. We're moving in next week.
  • Don't you think Fay's dress is a bit over the top for a birthday party?