Expresiones y frases - Palabra clave 'Under'

Idioms - Key word 'Under'

under a cloud bajo sospecha
under control bajo control
under fire en la línea de fuego
under lock and key cerrado bajo llave
under my care bajo mi cuidado
under no circumstances bajo ningún concepto
  • The whole government has been under a cloud after the scandal.
  • Are you sure you have everything under control? I can help you if you want.
  • The city of Baghdad has been under fire for 12 hours.
  • Mr. Smith keeps all his money in the bank safely under lock and key.
  • The kids will stay under my care while their parents are away.
  • Under no circumstances should the patient leave the hospital.
under my nose delante de mis narices
under oath bajo juramento
under one's breath entre dientes
under one's feet siempre pegado a alguien
under one's own steam por sus propios medios
under pressure bajo presión
  • How could I be so blind? This has been going on under my nose all the time!
  • You must tell the truth to the jury, Miss Lee, remember you are under oath.
  • Mark said something under his breath and I couldn't understand him.
  • I can't do my work if you're all the time under my feet! Go away!
  • Lou came home under his own steam. Nobody brought him.
  • Pete's under a lot of pressure right now, that's why he's so nervous.
under someone's thumb dominado
under the aegis of bajo los auspicios de
under the circumstances dadas las circunstancias
under the counter/table subrepticiamente
under the gun muy apremiado
under the hammer ir a subasta
  • I'm sick of being under my mom's thumb. I'm a grown woman, I have my own life!
  • Most artists of the Renaissance worked under the aegis of a patron.
  • We usually don't do this but, under the circumstances, we can make an exception.
  • I quit my job because there were lots of things going on under the counter.
  • I'm sorry, I've got a lot of work to do and I'm under the gun with it.
  • A series of items belonging to John Lennon went under the hammer yesterday.
under the impression tener la impresión de que
under the influence bajos los efectos del alcohol
under the knife en la mesa de operaciones
under the weather indispuesto
under wraps en secreto
  • Moe seemed to be under the impression that we were going with him.
  • Lots of celebrities get arrested for driving under the influence.
  • My sister has gallstones and she has to go under the knife.
  • Helen had to go home because she was feeling a bit under the weather.
  • The whole thing was a secret and they kept it all under wraps.