Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To beat'

Idioms - Verb 'To beat'

to beat around/about the bush andarse con rodeos
to beat someone hollow/black and blue darle una tremenda paliza a alguien
to beat someone to a pulp hacer papilla a alguien
to beat someone to within an inch of their life moler a alguien a palos
to beat the bushes for something buscar algo por todas partes
  • Andrew, stop beating around the bush and tell me what happened to Carl!
  • The next time he provokes me I'll beat him hollow!
  • Tyson beat his opponent to a pulp in the first round last night.
  • Mike's in hospital, a gang of hooligans beat him to within an inch of his life on Sunday.
  • Have you seen my purse? I've beaten the bushes for it but I can't find it!
to beat the drum (for) pregonar con bombos y platillos
to beat the rap quedar impune
to beat swords into ploughshares forjar de las espadas azadones
to beat your brains out estrujarse el cerebro
  • The whole government has been beating the drum for the reform.
  • Most criminals beat the rap nowadays. It's terrible.
  • We must stop this war and beat swords into ploughshares for the benefit of our country.
  • I've been beating my brains out but I can't find a reasonable explanation for it!