Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To blow'

Idioms - Verb 'To blow'

to blow a fuse/your stack/top explotar de bronca
to blow a raspberry at someone hacerle una trompetilla a alguien
to blow away the cobwebs sacudirse las telarañas
to blow hot and cold ser veleta
to blow one's mind fascinar, alucinar
to blow one's own trumpet tirarse flores
  • My dad blew a fuse when I told him I wasn't going to college.
  • I said 'Hi' to a little girl and she blew a raspberry at me!
  • Why don't you take a nice bubble bath? That'll blow the cobwebs away.
  • Pat blows hot and cold! One minute she says she's coming, the next she says she's not!
  • Listen to this new band! It'll blow your mind!
  • Todd thinks he's the best lawyer in the world, doesn't he? He's always blowing his own trumpet.
to blow someone's brains out volarle a alguien la tapa de los sesos
to blow someone's cover desenmascarar a alguien
to blow something off the map borrar algo del mapa
to blow something out of the water/sky-high echar por tierra
to blow something wide open poner algo al descubierto
to blow the gaff bevantar la perdiz
  • The main character blows his brains out when his girlfriend leaves him.
  • You've got to help me blow Kenny's cover. You know he's been cheating on Sally.
  • What was it exactly that blew dinosaurs off the map?
  • These new findings blow the old theory out of the water.
  • Their love affair was blown wide open by the paparazzi.
  • That special report blew the gaff on the President's secret dealings.
to blow the lid off destapar
to blow the whistle on delatar
to blow up in someone's face salir mal
  • The newspapers blew the lid off the company's tax evading.
  • Cathy was stealing money from the register and Vicky blew the whistle on her.
  • I had planned a romantic evening but it all blew up in my face when I got sick.