Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To call'

Idioms - Verb 'To call'

to call a halt to something suspender algo
to call a spade a spade llamar al pan, pan y al vino, vino
to call in sick dar parte de enfermo
to call it a day terminar, dejar para otro día
to call it quits terminar, quedar en paz
to call someone names insultar a alguien
  • It started to rain so we had to call the parade to a halt.
  • Jack's really straight-forward, he really calls a spade a spade.
  • Emily's not coming to work today, she called in sick.
  • We've been working for hours, you're all tired, let's call it a day.
  • Jo and Bill decided to call it quits, they broke up.
  • All of a sudden, Peter started to call me names, I was shocked!
to call someone's bluff descubrirle a alguien la farolada
to call something into question poner algo en duda
to call something to mind acordarse de algo
to call the shots/tune mandar, tener la última palabra
to call to account pedirle cuentas a alguien
to call to heel poner a alguien en vereda
  • I knew the thief had a fake gun so I called his bluff.
  • If you accuse my father of murder you're calling his innocence into question!
  • Every time I hear Bob Marley it calls my trip to Jamaica to mind.
  • Dr. McNeill, our chief of surgery, is the one who calls the shots.
  • The teacher called me to account for something I didn't do! That's not fair!
  • The new secretary thought she could do whatever she wanted but the boss called her to heel.