Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To come'

Idioms - Verb 'To come'

to come a long way llegar lejos
to come alive animarse
to come apart at the seams venirse abajo
to come clean sincerarse
to come down the pike aparecer, acercarse
to come full circle volver al punto de partida
  • When I first started I was just a clerk, now I own the bank. I've come a long way.
  • The party came alive when the band started to play.
  • After ten years of marriage, their relationship came apart at the seams and they got divorced.
  • The murderer felt guilty and he finally came clean. He's in jail now.
  • Johnny Depp's new movie is coming down the pike and we can't wait to see it!
  • I've come full circle in this job and it's time for me to move on.
to come home to roost pagar las consecuencias
to come in handy venir bien, resultar útil
to come of age llegar a la mayoría de edad
to come one's way venir hacia alguien
to come out in the wash arreglarse todo
to come to a halt pararse, detenerse
  • If you copy an essay from the internet and hand it in as your own, you'll come home to roost.
  • That extra flashlight sure came in handy the other night at the camping site.
  • My children have all come of age but they will always be my babies.
  • Do you know that man? He's coming our way and waving at you.
  • Don't worry, I'm sure this problem will come out in the wash very soon.
  • The whole process came to a halt because one of the machines broke down.
to come to an end terminar
to come to blows irse a las manos
to come to grief fracasar
to come to grips with enfrentarse con
to come to light salir a la luz
to come to mind recordar, ocurrírsele algo a alguien
  • The conversation came to an end when Sally entered the room.
  • Can't we just settle this matter without having to come to blows?
  • Kate's plans to go to Harvard came to grief when she got that rejection letter.
  • Harry has started to come to grips with the subject, but he still doesn't like it.
  • The whole truth came to light when Pat confessed she had stolen the bag.
  • Try to think of an idea for the party, something good will come to mind.
to come to one's senses recobrar el conocimiento
to come to terms aceptar
to come true hacerse realidad
to come up smelling of roses aparecer contento
  • Susan suddenly fainted but she came to her senses a few seconds later.
  • Helen hasn't come to terms with the fact that her husband's dead.
  • When you make a wish, you shouldn't say it out loud or else it won't come true.
  • Senator Stern was the only one who came up smelling of roses after the drug scandal.