Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To do'

Idioms - Verb 'To do'

to do a 180 dar media vuelta
to do a double-take reaccionar tardíamente
to do a job on someone hacerle una trastada a alguien
to do an about-face/about-turn cambiar de postura
to do as I say hacer lo que yo digo
to do drugs consumir drogas
  • The soldier did a 180 and ran to tell the sergeant what the colonel said.
  • I saw the car crash and I was so shocked I did a double-take before I called 911.
  • That Lou did a job on me by telling the boss I wasn't willing to work on Saturday!
  • I'm going camping with you! My parents did an about-turn over letting me go!
  • Come on, Tim, be a good boy and do as I say.
  • Alan's doing drugs again. His parents are sending him to a rehab clinic.
to do justice to hacer justicia
to do one's best/utmost hacer todo lo posible
to do one's bit hacer su parte
to do one's homework prepararse bien
to do one's own thing hacer la suya
to do someone tener sexo con alguien
  • Miss Spencer! The pictures don't do justice to your stunning beauty!
  • The taylor said he'd do his best to fix my jacket.
  • My brother's already talked to my dad, now I have to do my bit.
  • You want to know how I got this job? I did my homework.
  • My friends are all into drugs but I'm not, I just do my own thing.
  • Everybody's doing somebody at the office. It's like a soap opera!
to do someone proud ser motivo de orgullo para alguien
to do someone's head in quemarle a alguien la cabeza
to do someone wrong portarse mal con alguien
to do the honors hacer los honores
to do the trick solucionar el tema
to do time cumplir condena
to do well encontrarse bien
  • Our son did us proud when he got his Ph.D in Biology.
  • I don't know what to do! This decision is doing my head in!
  • Angela did Peter wrong when she refused to help him study for his test.
  • Alice asked me if I would do her the honor of being her son's godmother.
  • If you have a run on your stocking, just cover it with nail polish. That'll do the trick.
  • The man was convicted and he did time for a crime he didn't commit.
  • My mother is doing quite well, thank you for asking!