Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To get'

Idioms - Verb 'To get'

to get a break tener una oportunidad
to get a grip on oneself controlarse
to get a handle on/the hang of something encontrarle la mano/vuelta a algo
to get a kick out of something encontrar placer en algo
to get a life vivir (un poco) la vida
to get a line on someone obtener información acerca de alguien
  • I play the guitar at a pub on Thursdays but one day I hope I get my break.
  • Mary, get a grip on yourself! You're hysterical!
  • The new clerk got the hang of it really fast, he's good!
  • At first I didn't like playing soccer but I soon learnt to get a kick out of it.
  • You can't just stay home watching TV every Saturday night! You need to get a life!
  • The yellow press always finds a way to get a line on celebrities.
to get a load of something fijarse en algo
to get a move on darse prisa
to get a raw deal sufrir un trato injusto
to get a rise out of someone burlarse de alguien
to get a word in edgewise meter un bocadillo
to get better/well mejorarse
  • Oh dear! Get a load of that man! He looks just like Brad Pitt!
  • Emily, get a move on! We're going to be late for the ceremony!
  • What have I done to get such a raw deal? This isn't fair!
  • Don't listen to Jen, she's just getting a rise out of you, that's all.
  • My date was so boring! The guy kept talking, I couldn't get a word in edgewise!
  • The doctor gave me an antibiotic so I hope I'll get better in a few days.
to get blood out of a stone pedirle peras al olmo
to get carried away dejarse llevar
to get caught in something quedar atrapado en algo
to get caught up in something quedar involucrado en algo
to get cold feet echarse atrás
to get down to brass tacks/business ir al grano
  • Asking my dad to lend me his car is like getting blood out of a stone.
  • Paula and I got carried away and spent almost two hours talking over the phone.
  • I'm sorry for being late. I got caught in the elevator for twenty minutes.
  • Senator Hook got caught up in a scandal and had to resign.
  • Don't worry, dear. It's very common for brides to get cold feet minutes before the wedding.
  • Everyone at the office got down to business and started working on the project.
to get even with someone ajustar cuentas con alguien
to get fresh with someone propasarse con alguien
to get going ponerse en marcha
to get high drogarse
to get hell aguantarse una bronca
to get in on the ground floor estar involucrado desde el principio
  • Bruce's parents were murdered and now he's sworn to get even with the murderer.
  • Some drunk guy tried to get fresh with my girlfriend but I sent him away.
  • Honey, we need to get going or we'll lose our plane.
  • Peter got so high the other night that he almost had an overdose.
  • No! I won't get hell from mom and dad again for something you did!
  • The project wouldn't have been possible without Jane. She got in on the ground floor.
to get in someone's hair molestar a alguien
to get in on the act lograr tomar parte en el asunto
to get into the swing of things agarrale la mano a algo
to get into trouble meterse en problemas
to get involved involucrarse
to get it/your act together organizarse
to get laid tener sexo
  • I can't stand Roger! He's always getting in my hair! It's so annoying!
  • We didn't want Jeff to be in the play but somehow he got in on the act.
  • You may find it difficult at first but you'll soon get into the swing of things.
  • How did such a nice boy like you get into so much trouble?
  • After a long depression, Rob got it together and redid his life.
  • Andy doesn't want to fall in love, he just wants to get laid.
to get nowhere no llegar a ningún lado
to get off one's back/case dejar a alguien en paz
to get off one's tail dejar de holgazanear
to get off the ground despegar
to get off to a good start empezar con el pie derecho
to get on in years ya no ser tan joven
  • This relationship is getting nowhere, can't you see?
  • Brian, get off my back! Can't you see I'm busy here?
  • Mark, get off your tail and help me with the cleaning, will you?
  • Our business finally got off the ground thanks to Mr. Henderson.
  • You'll need to have everything planned if you want to get off to a good start.
  • Meg's depressed because she says she'getting on in years and she's still single.
to get on someone's nerves crisparle los nervios a alguien
to get one's bearing orientarse
to get one's comeuppance recibir su merecido
to get one's hopes up ilusionarse
to get one's money's worth sacar partido a algo
to get one's own way salirse con la suya
  • I hate that song. every time I hear it, it gets on my nerves.
  • It took us some time to get on our bearings and find the way to the cottage.
  • The villain gets his comeuppance by the end of the movie.
  • I've applied to go to Yale, I haven't had an answer yet, I don't want to get my hopes up.
  • I bought this leather jacket three years ago but it still looks new. I really got my money's worth.
  • Don't bother trying to stop Martha, she'll get her way anyway.
to get one's wires crossed tener un malentendido
to get religion fanatizarse
to get rid of deshacerse de
to get rolling comenzar
to get sick vomitar
to get someone wrong malinterpretar a alguien
  • I thought Kim told me she would be at Tom's but it was at Tim's, I got my wires crossed.
  • Grace never was a religious woman, now she got religion with Buddhism.
  • When will you get rid of those hideous jeans?
  • All right, people, let's get rolling, we've got lots of work to do!
  • Dina got sick because she had eaten two hamburgers, one hot dog and two slices of pizza.
  • Don't get me wrong, I'd love to stay but I'm really tired and I have a long way home.
to get someone's back up/goat irritar a alguien
to get the ax ser despedido
to get the better of someone vencer a alguien
to get the feel of something acostumbrarse a algo
to get the message/picture entender, darse cuenta
to get the show on the road ponerse manos a la obra
  • Kate has such a shrill voice that every time I hear her she gets my back up.
  • The last secretary got the ax because she was a disaster.
  • Phil's a great tennis player and he got the better of me on the court.
  • At first she thought the bed wasn't very comfortable but she got the feel of it.
  • Pat was winking at me and I didn't know why but when I saw my ex I got the message.
  • It took us some time to get the show on the road but we finally did it.
to get the word out hacer correr la voz
to get the worst of something llevarse la peor parte
to get the wrong end of the stick entender todo mal
to get to the bottom/heart of something llegar al fondo de algo
to get to the point llegar al extremo
to get under someone's skin afectar, molestar a alguien
  • We're playing at the Marquee next week, we have to get the word out.
  • Liz and Pam were in a car crash, Pam's OK but Liz is in hospital, she got the worst part of it.
  • No, you got the wrong end of the stick, Peter is my father and Charles is my uncle.
  • Everybody's working hard to get to the bottom of this, we'll find the people responsible.
  • Some people become so obsessed with a celebrity that they get to the point of killing them!
  • Andrew is so annoying, I just look at him and he gets under my skin!
to get up a good head of steam tomar impulso
to get up on the wrong side of bed levantarse con el pie izquierdo
to get wind of something enterarse de algo
to get wise to someone's game enterarse del juego de alguien
  • My career got a good head of steam after I met my current manager, Jack.
  • Sam got up on the wrong side of the bed, he missed his bus, arrived late and his computer caught a virus.
  • We've just got wind of Tina's dirty lilttle secret!
  • Robert was trying to fool me but I got wise to his game.