Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To give'

Idioms - Verb 'To give'

to give a bad name to something dar mala fama a algo
to give someone a black eye dejarle un ojo morado a alguien
to give a damn/fuck/hoot/shit importar un comino/un cuerno/un pepino
to give a good account of oneself lucirse
to give a hand dar una mano
to give an inch ceder un centímetro
  • All this corruption gives a bad name to the government and the country.
  • One of the kids at school gave Joey a black eye during the break!
  • Fine! Go and do whatever you like! I don't give a damn!
  • Emily gave a good account of herself playing Ophelia.
  • I can give you a hand with your homework if you want.
  • The workers aren't willing to give an inch and the strike continues.
to give and take dar y recibir
to give birth to dar a luz
to give chase to someone salir en busca de alguien
to give ground ceder terreno
to give it all you've got darle a algo con todas tus fuerzas
to give it a rest terminar con el asunto
  • If you want our relationship to work, you have to give and take.
  • Sheena, our dog, gave birth to seven puppies!
  • A man snatched Martha's purse and she gave chase to him.
  • Are you willing to give ground on your demands?
  • Grab the hammer with both hands and give it all you've got!
  • Will you give it a rest? I've heard you, now shut up!
to give it a shot/whirl intentar algo
to give it to someone straight decirle algo a alguien de una vez
to give one's eye teeth/right arm dar lo que fuera, dar un ojo de la cara
to give one's word dar el verbo, prometer
to give pause (for thought) dar que pensar
to give rise to something dar lugar a algo
  • I'd never surfed before so I decided to give it a shot.
  • Don't keep me in suspense and give it to me straight! What happened?
  • Oh, I'd give my right arm to see Led Zeppelin in concert!
  • Peter gave me his word that he would be here for my birthday.
  • Dr. Green's speech on global warming gave us pause.
  • The new tax policy gave rise to harsh criticism from the opposition.
to give someone a bad/hard/rough time mortificar a alguien
to give someone a break dejar a alguien en paz
to give someone a call/ring llamar por teléfono a alguien
to give someone a hint lanzar una indirecta
to give someone a lift llevar en auto a alguien
to give someone a run for his money hacerle sudar tinta a alguien
  • My boss gave me a harsh time today because I was two minutes late.
  • Ellen, give the poor girl a break! She only made a little mistake!
  • Fred said he'd give me a call if he had any news about Chris.
  • Joe gave me a hint about Mike's secret party but I didn't get it.
  • Hank gave me a ilft home in his new car.
  • The coach gave me a run for my money on the field but he beat me.
to give someone a taste of their own medicine darle a alguien una cucharada de su propia medicina
to give someone a wide berth evitar a alguien
to give someone hell echarle una bronca a alguien
to give someone his head dejar a alguien obrar a su antojo
to give someone the third degree acribillar a alguien a preguntas
to give someone the ax/boot despedir a alguien
  • Tom cheated on Ann but she cheated on him and gave him a taste of his own medicine.
  • Sue's terrified of cats. Whenever she sees one she gives a wide berth to it.
  • The other driver gave Kate hell because she stopped at the yellow light.
  • Many parents give their children their head and they become spoiled.
  • When my dad met my first boyfriend he gave the poor boy the third degree.
  • Mr. Daniels gave me the ax but he never gave me a good reason.
to give someone the benefit of the doubt darle a alguien elbeneficio de la duda
to give someone the cold shoulder ignorar completamente a alguien
to give someone the creeps darle escalofríos a alguien
to give someone the evil eye fulminar con la mirada
to give someone the slip lograr escaparse de alguien
to give someone the runaround jugar con alguien, tomarle el pelo
  • I phoned Henry and he didn't sound sick but I just gave him the benefit of the doubt.
  • You should've seen them! I was all alone at the party, they all gave me the cold shoulder!
  • I can't watch horror movies. They give me the creeps!
  • When Greg spilt coffe on the new carpet Mary gave him the evil eye.
  • A man was following me in a black car but I gave him the slip turning on 5th Avenue.
  • It's true then! Ian told me he was gay and he wasn't giving me the runaround!
to give something a once-over dar un vistazo a algo
to give the lie to something desmentir algo
to give the shirt off one's back darle hasta la camiseta a alguien
to give to understand dar a entender
to give up the ghost darse por vencido
to give vent to something dar rienda suelta a algo
  • Once you finish the sketch, give it to me so I can give it a once-over.
  • These facts give the lie to the Governor's claim that crime is going down.
  • Phil gave Bob the shirt off his back when he had no job and no home.
  • I was given to understand that the conference was in the main hall but apparently it wasn't.
  • My old bike gave up the ghost and now I have to buy a new one.
  • Teachers should give vent to the children's imagination in class.
to give voice to something expresar algo
to give way dar paso, ceder
  • It would be good for you if you gave voice to what you're feeling.
  • The old wooden beam is going to give way if you don't fix it.