Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To jump'

Idioms - Verb 'To jump'

to jump a queue colarse
to jump down someone's throat arremeter contra alguien
to jump out of one's skin llevarse un susto tremendo
to jump ship desertar
to jump the gun adelantarse a los hechos
to jump through hoops vérselas negras
to jump to comclusions precipitarse a sacar conclusiones
  • I really hate it when people jump the queue. It's rude!
  • Kelly jumped down Mel's throat and told him he was a filthy liar.
  • It was all quiet and suddenly there was such a bang that I jumped out of my skin.
  • Anna was doing a great job at the office, nobody knows why she jumped ship.
  • You're jumping the gun! You haven't even asked her out and you're planning the wedding!
  • Peter will have to jump through hoops if he wants Tracy to forgive him.
  • We're jumping to conclusions. Just because he's a ballet dancer doesn't mean he's gay!