Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To let'

Idioms - Verb 'To let'

to let go of soltar
to let it all hang out/one's hair down soltarse la melena, relajarse
to let it be dejar en paz
to let it drop that decir algo como si nada
to let nature take its course dejar que la naturaleza siga su curso
to let off steam desahogarse
  • Don't worry, I'll catch you, let go of the rail.
  • When I get home from work, I put some music on and let it all hang out.
  • Just tell the boy never to do it again and let it be.
  • Andy suddenly let it drop that she was moving to Germany.
  • I think we should let nature take its course, there's nothing we can do.
  • Sometimes it's good to have a good cry, it helps you let off steam.
to let oneself go dejarse llevar
to let ride dejar pasar
to let rip at someone montar en cólera
to let sleeping dogs lie no empeorar las cosas
to let the cat out of the bag levantar la perdiz
  • You can't always think and calculate everything you do! You need to let yourself go!
  • This time I decided to let the incident ride but next time you won't be so lucky, understood?
  • My mom let rip at me because I failed all my exams.
  • The boss is really angry, we should let sleeping dogs lie and not say a word.
  • The bike was going to be a surprise for our son but John let the cat out of the bag.