Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To make'

Idioms - Verb 'To make'

to make a beeline for something ir derechito a algo
to make a clean breast of it confesar algo
to make a clean sweep arrasar con todo
to make a dent in something llevarse buena parte, reducir
to make a difference importar, contribuir con algo
to make a face hacer una mueca
  • All the kids were making a beeline for the ice-cream truck.
  • I used to watch Barney when I was 16. I had to make a clean breast out of it.
  • Green Day made a clean sweep of the awards last night.
  • All these expensive shoes are making a dent in your budget.
  • Some say the demonstrations against the war make no difference.
  • There was an awful smell and we all started to make faces.
to make a fool of someone hacer quedar a alguien en ridículo
to make a fuss armar un escándalo
to make a killing hacer un buen negocio
to make a long story short hacerla corta
to make a mountain out of a molehill ahogarse en un vaso de agua
to make a name for oneself hacerse de un nombre
  • Jane is always making a fool of her brother. I feel sorry for him.
  • Do you always have to make such a fuss about everything?
  • Stu made a killing on that BMW. Brand new for only 10,000 dollars.
  • Paul met Beth at a party. To make a long story short, they fell in love and they married.
  • Stop it! You're making a mountain out of a molehill! It's only a button, I'll sew it up!
  • Frank is a big TV star but he really made a name for himself on the radio.
to make a pass at/play for someone Insinuársele a alguien
to make a point of doing something Procurar hacer algo
to make a splash Causar sensación
to make a stand Entrar en acción
to make a virtue of necessity Hacer de la necesidad una virtud
to make allowance for something Tolerar algo
  • Deb looked so good that the guys tried to make a pass at her all the time.
  • Don't worry, I'll make a point of sending the invitations tomorrow.
  • Our new song is making a splash all over the world.
  • How much longer do we have to wait before we make a stand?
  • I had a free hour in between classes and I made a virtue of necessity and did my homework then.
  • We have to make allowance for Pedro's work . He doesn't speak our language.
to make amends compensar
to make an exhibition of oneself ponerse en ridículo
to make capital out of something sacar partido de algo
to make do arreglárselas
to make ends meet llegar a fin de mes
to make eyes at someone echar miraditas a alguien
  • Helen tried to make amends to Claire for ripping her dress and bought her a new one.
  • Every time Jeff gets drunk he makes an exhibition of himself.
  • Sometimes employers make capital out of people's need to work and pay them very little.
  • The supermarket was closed so we had to make do with what little we had that night.
  • How do yo make ends meet with such low salaries?
  • Bob was making eyes at Grace the other night but she wasn't interested.
to make free with something usar algo como si fuera propio
to make fun of burlarse de
to make (it) good tener éxito
to make headway progresar
to make it lograrlo
to make it big triunfar a lo grande
  • Dan has been at my house for two days and he's already making free with my clothes!
  • Lilly! What did I tell you about making fun of other children?
  • My car was completely destroyed by a tree but the insurance will make it good.
  • Tommy has difficulty in Maths but he is making headway little by little.
  • This is great! I never thought I'd make it to the top of the mountain!
  • Tony made it big with his invention. He's become rich!
to make it snappy darse prisa
to make light of something minimizar algo
to make love hacer el amor
to make mincemeat of someone hacer picadillo a alguien
to make no bones about something no ocultar algo, no andar con rodeos
to make one's blood boil hacerle hervir a alguien la sangre
  • Make it snappy, Louise! Everybody's waiting for us at the club!
  • Politicians often make light of this issue but it's no laughing-matter.
  • The other night, Danny and her girlfriend made love for the first time!
  • Brazil made mincemeat of Italy at the friendly match.
  • Alice makes no bones of speaking her mind. If she doen't like something she'll tell you.
  • Every time I hear the President talk it makes my blood boil!
to make one's blood run cold hacer que a alguien se le hiele la sangre
to make one's day alegrarle el día a alguien
to make one's flesh crawl/creep ponérsele la piel de gallina a alguien
to make one's hair stand on end ponérsele los pelos de punta a alguien
to make one's mark dejar su impronta
to make one's mouth water hacérsele a uno agua la boca
  • What I saw that day after the bombing made my blood run cold.
  • Jack's visit made my day! I hadn't seen him for a long time.
  • I don't like hospitals, they make my flesh crawl.
  • This movie will make your hair stand on end. It's terrifying!
  • The Beatles and the Rolling Stones made their mark on rock'n'roll history.
  • The smell of that stew is making my mouth water!
to make one's peace with someone hacer las paces con alguien
to make one's point expresar su opinión
to make oneself at home sentirse como en casa
to make sense tener sentido
to make short work of someone hacer trizas a alguien
to make something of oneself hacer algo de su vida
  • Amy was mad at Jess for not inviting her to her wedding but they've made their peace with each other.
  • Ok, you've made your point and I respect it.
  • Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay here, make yourselves at home.
  • Did you hear what he said? It din't make any sense!
  • Sharapova made short work of Davenport at Wimbledon.
  • Why don't you study and make something of yourself?
to make sure asegurarse
to make the best of it ponerle al mal tiempo buena cara
to make the grade dar la talla
to make the most of it sacar el mayor partido a algo
to make the rounds hacer las visitas
to make tracks largarse
  • Sammy made sure that Carol got the best doctor in the city.
  • It was raining but we were on holiday so we decided to make the best of it.
  • Our team really made the grade tonight by winning 5-0.
  • It's hard to get an interview with this actor so I'll make the most of it!
  • Doctor Cohen is making the rounds right now, you can wait for him over here.
  • The party was great but I had to get up early the following day and I made tracks at 11.
to make up for lost time recuperar el tiempo perdido
to make up one's mind decidirse
to make waves causar problemas
to make whoopee armar jolgorio
  • Jay didn't like chocolate and now he loves it, he eats lots of it, he's making up for lost time!
  • What are you going to study? I haven't made up my mind yet.
  • The workers want better working conditions and are starting to make waves.
  • The whole class made whoopee when I told them we were going to a farm.