Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To pull'

Idioms - Verb 'To pull'

to pull a fast one hacer una jugarreta
to pull a face hacer una mueca
to pull (a few) strings mover (algunos) hilos
to pull a rabbit out of the hat sacar algo de la galera
to pull no punches no andarse con chiquitas
to pull one's socks up ponerse las pilas
  • The guy told me this was genuine leather but he pulled a fast one on me! It's imitation!
  • The baby sucked on half a lemon and pulled faces.
  • My dad pulled a few strings and got me a job at Microsoft.
  • We thought there was nothing else we could do but Tom pulled a rabbit out of the hat.
  • Dave pulls no punches when he writes a complaint letter.
  • You'll have to pull your socks up if you want to improve your grades.
to pull one's weight poner de su parte
to pull oneself up by the bootstraps salir adelante sin ayuda de nadie
to pull someone's leg tomarle el pelo a alguien
to pull the plug on something cancelar algo
to pull the rug from under someone fastidiarle los planes a alguien
to pull up stakes levantar campamento
to pull the wool over someone's eyes engañar a alguien
  • What? I do pull my weight! I work as hard as anybody else around here!
  • Al never had anyone, no family, he pulled himself up by the bootstraps.
  • Come on! Seriously? Joe can't be 40. You're pulling my leg!
  • The boss pulled the plug on the project because it wasn't profitable.
  • They've taken away my scholarship and they've pulled the rug from under my feet!
  • After living in the city for five years, we pulled up stakes and moved to the countryside.
  • Adam said he would pay our bills if we gave him the money. He was pulling the wool over our eyes!