Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To put'

Idioms - Verb 'To put'

to put a damper on something aguar la fiesta
to put a lid on it callarse
to put all your eggs in one basket jugárselo todo a una carta
to put an end to poner punto final
to put down roots echar raíces
to put ideas into someone's head meterle ideas a alguien en la cabeza
  • Two guys started to fight, and that put a damper on the party.
  • His wife decided to put a lid on her husband's affair for the sake of the kids.
  • Don't put all your eggs in one basket. You should apply for other universities.
  • Joe was too overcome with grief for his wife's death and he put an end to himself.
  • After spending years going here and there, Deb put down roots in France.
  • Sam's been putting ideas into Tom's head about quitting school and starting a rock band!
to put in a good word for someone interceder por alguien
to put a lead in one's pencil ser un afrodisíaco
to put on airs/the dog darse tono
to put on the map poner en el mapa
to put one's back into it poner empeño en algo
to put one's best foot forward apretar el paso
  • A friend of Bob's put in a good word for me at the English Department in Oxford.
  • I took Pam to this restaurant and I ordered shrimp to put a lead on my pencil.
  • Jen puts on airs because she's moved to L.A. but she's no better than us!
  • It was their second album, 'Morning Glory', that put Oasis on the map.
  • I can finish the house by next month if I put my back into it.
  • We were already ten minutes late for the meeting so we put our best foot forward.
to put one's finger on it decir exactamente qué es
to put one's foot down imponerse, no ceder
to put one's foot in it meter la pata
to put one's house in order poner sus asuntos en orden
to put one's shoulder to the wheel arrimar el hombro
To put one's thinking cap on usar la materia gris
  • Sometghing's going on with Sarah but I can't put my finger on it.
  • The man insisted on going to Miss Hilton's room but the receptionist put his foot down.
  • Jake really put his foot in it when he told the boss his daughter was hot.
  • Why doesn't Eric put his own house in order before telling me what to do?
  • The project doesn't go forward because you don't put your shoulder to the wheel.
  • If you put your thinking cap on you'll do the test in twenty minutes.
to put out feelers tantear el terreno
to put someone at ease hacer que alguien se relaje
to put someone in his place poner a alguien en su lugar
to put someone out of his misery acabar con el sufrimiento de alguien
to put someone off their stride distraer a alguien
to put someone through the mill/his paces someter a alguien a duras pruebas
  • We have to put out a few feelers before launching the product into the market.
  • The teacher told us what the test would be like and she put us at ease.
  • Tommy was acting like a spoiled little brat so I put him in his place.
  • The poor dog was dying and there was nothing we could do but to put him out of his misery.
  • I can't study with music or the TV turned on, it puts me off my stride.
  • Joe was put through the mill to get that job at the hospital.
to put that in your pipe and smoke it ¡chúpate eso!
to put the cart before the horse hacer las cosas al revés
to put the fear of God into someone darle un susto de muerte a alguien
to put the heat on someone presionar a alguien
to put the skids under something hacer fracasar algo
to put to death ejecutar
  • Our team beat yours! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
  • Ann's putting the cart before the horse, tha race hasn't even begun and she's already celebrating.
  • You shoud've seen Mary's face when she saw us on the window! We put the fear of God into her!
  • The workers have been putting the heat on the owner to raise the salaries.
  • The neighbors got together to put the skids under the plans to build a new tower.
  • My brother was put to death for a crime he did not commit!
to put to the test poner a prueba
to put two and two together atar cabos
to put two and two together and get five sacar conclusiones erróneas
to put up or shut up aguantarse o callarse
to put words in someone's mouth atribuirle a alguien algo que no dijo
to put your money where your mouth is dar el ejemplo
  • All the candidates will be put to the test during the week.
  • Liz didn't tell me she failed the exam, I saw her crying and put two and two together.
  • No! I'm not doing drugs! You see me go out at night and put two and two together to make five!
  • Phil says he's unemployed but does nothing to get a job. He should put up or shut up.
  • I never said I wanted to leave! Don't put words in my mouth!
  • If people want clean streets they should put their money where their mouth is!