Expresiones y frases - Verbo 'To set

Idioms - Verb 'To set'

to set foot poner un pie en un lugar
to set one's heart on something estar decidido a hacer algo
to set sail zarpar
to set store by something dar valor a algo
to set the pace marcar el paso
to set the scene crear un ambiente
to set the record straight aclarar las cosas
  • I didn't like that woman from the very first moment she set foot in this house.
  • Emily has set her heart on going to Harvard to study Law.
  • The Titanic set sail from Southampton for New York on April 10, 1912.
  • My parents have always set great store by studying.
  • The US declaration of independence set the pace for the independence of the rest of the continent.
  • The constant disagreements and the people's discontent set the scene for  war.
  • Miss Harris will give a press conference next Tuesday to set the record straight.